GEM Team

Team 3 : Gerontechnology, Modelisation and e-Health

Scientific objectives

  • développement méthodologique en e-Santé
  • représentation multi-­échelles de signaux physiologiques non-stationnaires
  • fusion de données


Exemple d’articles récents correspondant à l’activité de Modélisation d’AGIM :

J. Demongeot, Y. Fouquet, M. Tayyab & N. Vuillerme
Understanding Physiological & Degenerative Natural Vision Mechanisms to Define Robust Contrast and Segmentation Operators.
PLoS ONE, 4, e6010 (2009).

J. Gaudart, O. Touré, N. Dessay, A.L. Dicko,  S. Ranque, L. Forest, J. Demongeot & O.K. Doumbo
Modelling malaria incidence with environmental dependency in a locality of Sudanese savannah area, Mali.
Malaria J., 8, 61 (2009).

J. Demongeot, N. Glade, A. Moreira & L. Vial
RNA relics and origin of life.
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J. Demongeot, H. Ben Amor, P. Gillois, M. Noual & S. Sené
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Int. J. Molecular Sciences, 10, 4437-4473 (2009).

J. Demongeot, E. Drouet, A. Moreira, Y. Rechoum & S. Sené
Micro-RNAs: viral genome and robustness of the genes expression in host.
Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. A, 367, 4941-4965 (2009).

L. Abbas, J. Demongeot & N. Glade
Synchrony in Reaction-diffusion models of morphogenesis: applications to curvature-dependent proliferation and zero-diffusion front waves.
Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. A, 367, 4829-4862 (2009).

J. Demongeot & J. Waku
Application of interval iterations to the entrainment problem in respiratory physiology.
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J. Demongeot, J.P. Françoise & D. Nerini
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 J. Demongeot
Biological boundaries and biological age.
Acta Biotheoretica, 57, 397-419 (2009).

F. Thuderoz, M.A. Simonet, O. Hansen, A. Dariz, T.P. Baum, V. Hierle, J. Demongeot, P.N. Marche & E. Jouvin-Marche
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J. Demongeot, E. Goles, M. Morvan, M. Noual & S. Sené
Attraction Basins as Gauges of Environmental Robustness in Biological Complex Systems.
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H. Ben Amor, N. Glade, C. Lobos & J. Demongeot
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Acta Biotheoretica, 58, 121-142 (2010).

J. Demongeot, A. Laksaci, F. Madani & M. Rachdi
Estimation locale linéaire de la densité conditionnelle pour des données fonctionnelles.
Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 348, 931-934 (2010).

J. Demongeot, A. Elena, M. Noual, S. Sené & F. Thuderoz
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J. Demongeot, A. Laksaci, F. Madani & M. Rachdi
Functional data: local linear estimation of the conditional density and its application.
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Demography in epidemics modelling.
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L. Almeida & J. Demongeot
Predictive power of “a minima” models in biology.
Acta Biotheoretica, 60, 3-19 (2012).

J. Demongeot & J. Waku
Robustness in biological regulatory networks. I Mathematical Approach.
Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 350, 221-224 (2012).

J. Demongeot & J. Waku
Robustness in biological regulatory networks. II Application to genetic threshold Boolean random regulatory networks (getBren).
Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 350, 225-228 (2012).

J. Demongeot & J. Waku
Robustness in biological regulatory networks. III Application to genetic networks controlling the morphogenesis.
Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 350, 289-292 (2012).

J. Demongeot & J. Waku
Robustness in biological regulatory networks. IV Application to genetic networks controlling the cell cycle.
Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 350, 293-298 (2012).

J. Demongeot, J. Gaudart, A. Lontos, E. Promayon, J. Mintsa & M. Rachdi
Least diffusion zones in morphogenesis and epidemiology.
Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos, 22, 50028  (2012).

Y. Fouquet, C. Franco, B. Diot, J. Demongeot & N. Vuillerme
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IEEE Trans. Mobile Computing, doi 10.1109/TMC.2012.30 (2012).

C. Franco, A. Fleury, P.Y. Guméry, B. Diot, J. Demongeot, & N. Vuillerme
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IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, doi 10.1109/TBME.2012.2222640 (2012).

F. Teymoori,  D. Mousavi, J. Demongeot, A. Biglarian, M. Sarmadi, & M. Shirazikhah
FI-CGA Score of old people by community based Information system.
Healthmed, 6, 2018-2022 (2012).

J. Aracena, J. Demongeot, E. Fanchon & M. Montalva
On the number of different dynamics in Boolean networks with deterministic update schedules.
Mathematical Biosciences (in press).

J. Aracena, J. Demongeot, E. Fanchon & M. Montalva
On the number of update digraphs and its relation with the feedback arc sets and tournaments.
Discrete Applied Mathematics (in press).

S. Bandiera, R. Matégot, J. Demongeot & A. Henrion-Caude
MitomiRs: delineating the intracellular localization of microRNAs at mitochondria.
Free Radical in Biology and Medicine (invited paper).

J. Demongeot,  O. Hansen, H. Hessami, A.S. Jannot, J. Mintsa, M. Rachdi & C. Taramasco
Random modelling of contagious diseases.
Acta Biotheoretica (accepted).

H. Ben Amor, F. Corblin, E. Fanchon, A. Elena, L. Trilling, J. Demongeot & N. Glade
Formal Methods for Hopfield-like networks.
Acta Biotheoretica (accepted).