The new structure of AGIM (Andrology, Gerontechnology, Inflammation & Modeling) has selected three teams; teams 1 and 2 develop primarily experimental biology operations with the acquisition of fundamental and biopathological knowledge; team 3 develops ergonomic, mathematical and statistical models; these models are supported by and consolidate genetic or epidemiology databases . These activities are complementary and links are visible.

Team 1

GREPI: Research and study group for inflammatory process

Activating anf functional mechanisms of NADPH oxidases, of the contact phase and of the complement as well as the biomarker discovery causing cellular stress.

Team 2

AGC: Andrology, Genetics and Cancer

The team "Andrology" focuses on several aspects of the aging of the reproductive and urinary human function or the genitourinary function of man.

Team 3

GEM: Gerontechnology, Modelisation and e-Health

Methodological development in e-Health, multiscale representation of non-stationary physiological signals, data fusion.